Employees Test

Much is said about dependence (addiction). Everyone knows someone with a problem.

Does your employee have a problem?

Find out now. The test only takes a few minutes!

Do you recognize the following behavioral characteristics in the employee?

1. Regularly misses a day

2. Coming late

3. Moves appointments

4. Moodswings

5. Physically present, but capable of little

6. Involved in waste, errors or accidents

7. Is difficult to follow/control

8. Declining performance

9. Tension with others

10. Complains of fatigue (poor sleep)

11. Increasing unreliability, lying, manipulation

12. Isolates, evades manager

13. Vague complaints and disease defects (stomach and intestinal complaints)

14. Tensed home situation

15. Financial problems (garnishment of wages, requesting loans)

16. Frequent toilet visits

17. Strong swing in productivity

18. Sneaky behavior (secret phone calls, shielding PC)

19. Boundary and inappropriate (sexual) behavior

20. Problems with justice and/or driving suspension

21. Signs of depression or burnout

22. Being absent for no reason

23. Unclear time allocation

24. It's always someone else's fault (victim behavior)

25. Drinking a lot at a company drink

26. Complaints from others about (alcohol) use (rumours)

27. Eating a lot of chewing gum or mint candies

28. Smell like Alcohol

29. Hostile attitude / communication

30. Slipping hygiene

31. Avoid eye contact

32. Shaking hands

33. Low frustration tolerance/anger

34. Tubes, straws or rolled banknotes

35. Invests in own development